Hell of Men : Blood Brothers

Release September 22nd 2019

About the game

About this game:

Hell of Men Blood Brothers is a real-time strategy game. It is a skirmish game that offers innovative mechanics that reward thoughtful and strategic players. With the cover system for infantry, class combinations, the danger of vehicles by their firepower and resistance, HoM is close to simulation, you will have to learn to use all these aspects. Each environment is designed to allow you to develop realistic strategic movements and thus dominate your opponent.

Faction :
Poland and Russia.
11 types of buildings.
6 types of vehicles.
10 types of soldiers.

Early Access :
Solo :
Attack Skirmish :
Play Poland army : This mode will have 6 missions.
Play Russian army : This mode will have 6 missions.

Event Skirmish :
Halloween : Play CDC and survive against zombies !

Classic Skirmish :
Choose your faction, your enemy, your map and fight !
2 factions - 5 skins.
8 maps : Bridge (sun) / Hamlet (night) / Train Station (sun) / Land of Deads (night) / Airport (sun) /Crossroads (sun) / Fields (sun) / Village (night).