"Haishan" is a traditional Chinese-style cultivation roguelite game. Set in a world where the revival of spiritual Qi has awakened demons that wreak havoc on the modern world, you traverse ancient realms with the aid of the "Kunlun Mirror," embarking on a journey of cultivation.

Spiritual Qi revives, causing the world to experience a great upheaval!

Due to the exhaustion of Spiritual Qi, the self-sealed demons and spirits gradually awaken, bringing calamity to the mortal realm.

Humankind's counterattacks yield minimal results, as cities fall one by one... The Nine Provinces Continent is on the brink of destruction.

As humanity faces its darkest hour, ancient divine artifacts emerge, reopening the long-sealed path of ascension.

With the assistance of the ancient artifact "Kunlun Mirror," you travel back to ancient times, recovering lost cultivation techniques to continuously improve your own power.

Throughout your journey, you discover a shocking conspiracy lurking behind it all.

Cultivate freely with various techniques, creating endless possibilities.

The game currently supports nineteen major cultivation methods, seven elemental attributes, and numerous treasures and divine weapons (swords) to enhance your gaming experience.

Each entry into the trial offers a brand new experience. Choose your favorite cultivation method, vanquish demons, and ascend the path to divinity once again.

Choose your favorite technique, slay demons, and ascend the Path to Divinity once again.

Through the essence provided by the Kunlun Mirror, you can unblock the Ren and Du meridians, permanently enhancing your own cultivation base.

Only with great power can you save the common people and shatter the dark conspiracy hidden behind the scenes.


Max: 17,49€


Min: 15,74€