Gym Tycoon

Gym Tycoon! Build & manage your own gym. Start small and work your way up. Evolve your business into a unique world-renowned gym capable of training prize-winning customers!


  • Design your own unique gym using the powerful construction tools!
  • Furnish your gym using a wide variety of upgradable training equipment.
  • Attract, train & turn your customers into true fans. Each customer is unique & you're in control.
  • Hire & manage staff, keep them satisfied and level up your gym!

Coming Soon

  • Colour your gym furniture.
  • Unlock more furniture and skills with experience points.
  • Train prize-winning customers to compete in prestigious competitions!

Developer Note

Gym Tycoon is the debut title of Green Forest Games - a brand-new indie studio based in the Netherlands. The passion of Green Forest Games is to create fun & solid game experiences to be enjoyed by all PC gamers!

Our debut title is very much a “work in progress” and we openly encourage our community to participate & reach out to us with suggestions and feedback! You can reach us through our socials (Twitter, Forum) or send an e-mail to:!