Gravity Heroes

Release June 30th 2020

About the game

Gravity Heroes gives you the ability to change gravity in a beautiful pixelated world. It doesn't matter if you want to shoot enemies while walking on the ceiling, the walls or just floating around. You can play the game alone challenging yourself to beat the best score, but you can also invite your friends and see who is the master of gravity. Play the game up to 4 players in any game mode. Gravity Heroes is best played with friends.

  • Pick weapons dropped in the level.
  • Get boosts and become invincible.
  • Play with your friends (1-4 players).
  • Or play against them.
  • Get the best score and show who is the best.


Each level of the campaign mode you will face different challenges. Your objective is to defeat every enemy that appears. Fight against hordes of synthetics trying to destroy the human race, they may explode in a suicidal attack or shoot the heroes with laser beams but don't be afraid every single one of them has is own weakness. Don't fool yourself in the puzzles, analyze every detail of the level and solve them with mastery. Beware that changing gravity is not a special ability of the heroes, enemies can do it as well, so use this ability with caution!