Geezer Gus: The Meteorite Motel

Release April 7th 2020

About the game

The Meteorite Motel is a surreal JRPG based upon the Geezer Gus franchise, created by Healing Language. Upon receiving news of an unidentified meteorite landing near the area, Gus makes his way to the crash site known as the Meteorite Motel. Among the loathsome and vile occupants of the motel lies a suspicious colony, who are interested in harnessing the meteorite's power. The player must navigate through the unpredictable and dangerous motel with the help of formidable allies in order the reach the meteorite first.

- Over 10 animated cutscenes!
- Multiple party members with unique attacks!
- Original soundtrack with over 30 songs!
- Hidden secrets and easter eggs!