FairyFail, o Fairyfail
Why art thou a silly tale?

A hammered princess, and a fatso Knight
Whomst can only walk from left to right

Thus they wander off some distant wood
Placing traps and mean no good

FairyFail, o FairyFail
Thou will be my coffinnail

Gather round and listen to this tale!

The characters doomed to be played by you and your friends have to reach the magic sword!
Race as an alcoholic princess whose dreams never came true or an obese knight who started overeating when life after slaying the dragon became lazy and dull.
Sabotage the level by placing traps und platforms and use your godly plattformer skills to make it through alive!
First player to get 100 Points will have a happy ever after. Until the next Round starts of course.

We really hope you enjoy Fairyfail because we'd really like to add updates in the future.

"Best game you will ever fail in"
- Hans Christian Grimm