Escape From Durka

ESCAPE FROM DURKA - a game about a repressed journalist escaping from prison to tell the truth about corruption


-You play as Ethan, a journalist and have to escape the prison's psych department. You got there because of repressions in your country.
You were writing about high profile politician taking bribes and exposing violations of human rights.
Your task is to avoid being seen by guards/ evil nurses to escape and then publish your article about corruption so that people would know the truth. First person 3d graphics game. Stealth mechanics. Cut-scenes.

-The same game but a 2d platformer. The game is being played inside a 3d game on the jounalist's mobile phone.


-Interesting idea
-Good graphics
-Cut-scenes, face animations, physical collision sounds, footsteps react to surface type, positional sound
-Quality soundtrack
-Ability to walk, crouch, stealth mechanics
-Advanced AI that will search for player
-Puzzles you have to solve
-3D first/third person view
-2D game mode as a bonus