Don't Starve Together: Wormwood Deluxe Chest

Wormwood Deluxe Chest
Wormwood the Lonesome has finally roused from his long leafy slumber and is ready to venture out into the Constant in search of some new friends! With this Deluxe Chest, you’ll unlock this new playable character and his entire wardrobe of three extra character skins. They’re all sure to grow on you - at least as much as they grow on Wormwood!


  • Wormwood can plant Seeds directly in the ground without using Farms.
  • In Spring, Wormwood blossoms, gaining increased movement speed, draining hunger faster, and attracting Bees.
  • Eye Plants are friendly to Wormwood.
  • Wormwood has a Green Thumb crafting tab:
    • Living Log can be created at the cost of 20 Health.
    • Bramble Husk provides 65% Armor and shoots out thorns when hit, dealing 23 damage in a small radius. The wearer is also protected from thorns.
    • Bramble Trap shoots out Thorns when triggered, dealing 40 damage in a small radius.
    • Compost Wrap restores 30 Health to Wormwood. It can also be used as a very potent fertilizer.
  • Wormwood can use Manure, Guano, or Bucket-o-poop to fertilize himself, restoring 2 Health.
  • Food items do not heal Wormwood.
  • Wormwood takes 25% more damage from fire, and burns for slightly longer.
  • Wormwood loses sanity when plants are destroyed near him (e.g. picking flowers, completely chopping or burning down trees, digging up stumps, grass, saplings, or bushes, etc.) This excludes plants that are diseased or already burnt.
  • Wormwood gains sanity when plants are planted near him (e.g. seeds, flowers, trees, grass, saplings, or bushes, etc.)
  • Sanity effects from planting or destroying plants is reduced the further it happens from Wormwood.


  • Essential Wormwood
  • Wormwood's Oasis Bound Skin Set
  • Wormwood's Roseate Skin Set
  • Wormwood's Hollow Skin Set