Don't Starve Together: Starter Pack 2019

Starter Pack 2019

Ah, poor thing... it seems you too have found yourself lost in the Constant. Never fear, this chest has been packed with all the essentials to make your extended stay as comfortable as can be! Charlie sends her best regards, she’ll be sure to see you soon.

Starter Pack 2019 Includes:

  • A new playable character, Wurt! She might be a fish out of water, but she's found herself right at home among the other Survivors!

  • Wilson's Gladiator Skin Set

  • Willow's Snowfallen Skin Set

  • Wendy's Victorian Skin Set

  • WX-78's Verdant Skin Set

  • Two new item skins, the Refined Spear and Hound Haversack

  • Yawny Jammies Ensemble, with bonus Yawn emote.