Don't Starve Together: Forge Armor Chest

Forge Armor Chest
Don this enduring defensive wear before you face Battlemaster Pugna’s champions to ensure the continued survival of the Survivors in the Forge. The Magmatic Armor Chest contains scorching new armor forged from volcanic slag, tempered with just a hint of dark magic.

  • Barbed Helmet
  • Clairvoyant Life Amulet
  • Feathered Grass Armor
  • Feathered Wreath
  • Jagged Grand Suit
  • Jagged Wood Armor
  • Life Blossom Garland
  • Marble Plate Armor
  • Marble Splint Mail
  • Nox Helmet
  • Silken Grand Suit
  • Silken Wood Armor
  • Steadfast Grand Suit
  • Whispering Grand Suit
  • Wood Armor
  • Woven Grass Armor