CosmoOdyssey:Trip to Mars

CosmoOdyssey: Trip to Mars is a first-person spaceship adventure with a special Ukrainian flavor.

Near future. You play as a boy from Pavlovo Pole, who, at the persuasion of businessmen from Kharkiv and Dnipro, must fly to Mars to collect metal for the construction of transport infrastructure. However, the boy has his own interest in this, because after his return he can receive funds to start his own farming business and overcome the competition. They were promised to him by one of the businessmen. However, he has some problems after take off and you can help him solve them!
After downloading, you will find:
- Adventure on a spaceship, in that after implementation of tasks passing is opened to other location.
- Nice graphics.
- Native, colorful, nostalgic atmosphere.
- An interesting plot with funny situations.
- Full voiceover in Ukrainian.
- Ukrainian localization with "Kharkiv" dialect (Syrzhik).
- 10 full locations.
- Support controller
You will be a member of a trip to Mars on a spaceship. Cooking, finding the TV remote, and even eliminating the flood await you! In the end, you have to fix your ship so that it can autopilot to Mars.
In addition, the main character is an agronomist with experience. Therefore, together with him, you must harvest sunflowers and cereals and make oil from them.


Max: 3,99€


Min: 3,99€