Burn Me Twice

Burn Me Twice is a narrative adventure that combines investigation segments, in which you can explore the enigmatic town of Düstenburg, with trials that will test your knowledge about the case.

To avoid being burned at the stake, the witch Abigail von Rattenhartz must collaborate with the Inquisition to solve supernatural crimes.
Even the smallest mistake would cause her execution, if it wasn't for the intervention of a mysterious entity that gives Abigail the power to relive her last day alive.

Explore the medieval town of Düstenburg. Investigate its charismatic habitants and learn their secrets. Revisit the same day until finding all the evidence you need, and use them to uncover the truth in exciting trials.

• Three chapters packed with mysteries, intrigue and unique puzzles
• Explore the town of Düstenburg and the surrounding areas
• Meet your new neighbours and find out their secrets
• Relive your last day alive and put into practice what you've learned in your past life
• Use your witch powers to speak to the dead. Even to the victims of the crimes you are investigating!
• Take part in thrilling medieval trials

Languages: English and Spanish.

This game has been made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of the University of Technology and Digital Art (U-TAD) in Madrid. Without them, this game would not have been possible. Thank you.