Born Punk - The Art Of Born Punk (Artbook)

June 22, 2022
Windows Mac Linux

About the dlc

Bornholm in the year 2155 is everything Bornholm of today is not.

Over-populated, industrial and most of all a global power thanks to its unique and innovative non-equatorial space elevator.

For Born Punk, we didn't try to copy/paste quintessential cyberpunk tropes for our interpretation of the genre. Rather, we took cyberpunk out of its traditional home - cities styled after modern metropolises like Shanghai and Tokyo - and transplanted it onto a Danish island - with all the influences that would likely play a part in the transformatino of a quaint European region into a futuristic mega-sprawl.

Our 44-page long artbook will show you a lot of our thought processes whilst creating the visual part of Born Punk. You'll find commentary by the developers, Discord conversations, a lot of lore, and of course - art. Concept art, pixel art, time lapses, sprite sheets, portraits and more await you - all presented in a narrative thread that should make it a joy to read. This is not just some concept art from the very beginning of the game thrown into a random PDF. Rather, it's a detailed documentation of our journey, a showcase of our universe, and an insight into the culture at our company.

Please note: the artbook will be downloaded directly to your game folder.