Barony: Myths & Outcasts

February 21, 2019
Windows Mac Linux

About the dlc

A Whole New Way to Play

The Myths & Outcasts DLC offers you dozens of new ways to play through Barony with four new classes and four new monster races with fresh gameplay.

Each monster race has a signature class that human characters can also play as. These monsters are hated by humans, but they still seek to slay liches in the dungeon! Monsters can either be played as their signature class, or they can be played as any of the current classes in Barony: Blessed Addition! And once you finish the game as a monster, you unlock its signature class for play as any race.

The Skeleton

The Skeleton requires a patient approach, which works since you don't get hungry!

The Conjurer
The Conjurer starts with a new spell, allowing their master to summon helpful allies who increase in power throughout the adventure.

The Succubus

The Succubus hates blessings and loves curses! She'll also start with some demonic powers.

The Mesmer
The Mesmer has a staff, and eventually can learn a spell, which allows her to enlist the service of foes to protect her. Use your wiles to survive!

The Vampire

The Vampire can't eat normal food and must feed on blood instead! Vampires also start with vampiric powers!

The Accursed
Accursed adventurers have a voracious hunger, but also have increased speed and the ability to turn invisible. The Accursed must move quickly to survive.

The Goatman

The Goatman eats tin cans with no need for a tin opener, and can sniff out extra potions from fountains.

The Brewer
The Brewer starts with a handy-dandy backpack which increases their inventory space. They also have an Alembic which allows them to brew powerful potions!