March 9, 2020
Windows Mac Linux

About the game

Reminiscent of early arcade games, Aquarius is a randomly generated, wave-based combat game where you harpoon fish, collect treasure, and compete for the high score! Although it seems easy at the start, Aquarius can become surprisingly challenging. Stay alert - if you lose, you'll be sent back to the start of the previous level!


  • WASD and Arrow Keys / Gamepad Left Analog Stick - Move
  • Mouse / Gamepad Right Analog Stick - Aim weapon
  • Left Mouse Button / Gamepad Right Bumper and Trigger - Fire weapon
  • TAB / Gamepad Top Button - Show score
  • C / P1 Gamepad Select - Toggle camera
  • F11 - Toggle fullscreen

Gamepad Setup

  • Auto Setup On: Connecting two gamepads will enable the second player
  • Auto Setup Off: Setting any gamepad to P2 will enable the second player