ADA: Além d' Aventura

A J-RPG set in a fantasy world, rich in history, with a Brazilian touch, tactical and nostalgic combat, innovation, implementations based on card game systems, and an exploration of adventure games.

ADA: Além d' Aventura is about a dream, a dream of adventure, pain, responsibility, and all the other experiences that Martim, Carol, Leona, and Vicente will live through and search for in this world. The game is set in a world with an exotic feeling, coming from the Brazilian inspirations and representations. Its story follows the classic hero's journey and promises to keep the players engaged.

"Além d' Aventura" is composed by:[/]

  • A 2D line art, with an anime aesthetic;

  • A classic adventure soundtrack, but with an exotic feeling from Brazilian instruments;

  • Turn-based combat that seeks to present new mechanics to the JRPG genre;

  • Battle strategy that remind a card game more than classic turns;

  • Focus on positioning, buffs, and debuffs;

  • Vast exploration with puzzles, secrets, and shortcuts;