X-Plane 12.00 Beta 4

September 21, 2022 bornsecular Community Announcements
XPD-12628 Planemaker dialogs lag behind when dragged. XPD-12825 Can get short silence at the end of some transmissions. XPD-12826 Restored joystick axis label symbols. XPD-12868 Better carrier ops for old planes, too! XPD-12875 Engine and transmission temperature model is incorrect and inconsistent. XPD-12886 Don’t allow a FISO to provide “request heading” or “uncertain of position”. XPD-12889 Background image in Planemaker stuck in zoom relative to geometry. XPD-12915 Crash on error exit in boat manager. XPD-12923 Liberty Island lights fixed. XPD-12925 Improvements to ground-ops window, always give feedback. XPD-12931 Initial magenta NaN pain relief. XPD-12945 VR system left handles in place after a window was popped out. XPD-12947 San Francisco Landmarks update. XPD-12949 A330 flaps not controllable by an analog joystick AXIS. XPD-12952 Thread shutdown crash. XPD-12953 Citation X FMC Causing Crash entering STAR. XPD-12958 Have the taxi route stay on the actual route but still show the way back to it. XPD-12976 Dynamic objects small update.