Winter Sale! Barony Avatar Frame available now!

December 24, 2020 mistersneak Community Announcements

Holiday Creations Contest ends on Saturday!

You have just a couple more days to show off your talent and be part of our Barony Holiday Creations contest. Join the Barony Community Discord now and check out the current submissions (everything from drawings, to music videos, even fan-fic!), and submit your own! IT'S FUN and you might win a prize! Check out what Discord user The Captain put together for the contest:

Get your Barony Holiday Avatar Frame!

Did you know there's like less than 70 animated avatar frames on all of Steam? Now you can flex your Barony pride by snagging the holiday-themed Barony avatar frame from the Steam Points shop. That is, if you got 2000 Steam Points layin' around!

Know anyone who wants Barony?

Check out who you know that has Barony on their wishlist and blow their mind with the best Christmas gift on the planet. Get Barony for 50% off for yourself, and/or gift it to all of your friends, acquaintances and strangers who friended you!


Did you know that Steam doesn't let developers make 4 Packs anymore? Right now you can get a discounted Barony 4 Pack for less than the price of two copies of the game. (Get the Barony 4 Pack on the store page, right here) Or maybe somebody you know owns the game but not the DLC.

Check out all this sweet DLC.

Barony DLC literally never goes on sale so like, a trusted friend told us that it's finally time to just make peace with that and grab that sweet, sweet DLC you've had your eye on! Go dungeoneering as a Goatman or Automaton or whatever it is you're into, the DLC is awesome. The Mechanist class from Legends & Pariahs is basically making toys so, you know. It's Christmassy. Now is a great time to throw on the Merry Barony Christmas mod and take part in some dungeon celebrations in Santa's Steam Workshop. Happy Holidays from Turning Wheel LLC!