Windows 11 improved support / Mac losing support

The Caribbean Sail

Name your crew, purchase supplies, sail the world, harpoon fish, plunder your enemies, die horribly, unlock a new Captain and do it all over again!

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30575242/b536c0d05ad7719cd117e202ec4c6442a4c28be9.png[/img] This post will be dryer than your mouth after three days at sea without water. Due to recent Windows 11 incompatibilities, I ran The Caribbean Sail through GameMaker 2 and exported it. This was a painfully difficult process that involved resolving over 48,000 errors. [h3]Changes[/h3] + Version number is now 1.8 + Exported with GM2 [h3][Notice][/h3] If you were experiencing crashes on Windows 11 before and this resolved them, please let me know. If you are experiencing any crashes now that you weren't before, please let me know also. I will not sell defective products. [h3]Regarding Mac[/h3] The game was unfortunately never ported to Mac 64-bit and unfortunately I cannot afford a Mac at this time to export with and as Steam is fully discontinuing support for 32-bit Mac applications, I will not be supporting Mac users for now. If you would like to help potentially bring back Mac support then donations on my Ko-Fi will go towards licensing fees, developer fees, and development hardware: Looking for something more exciting? I've recently updated the page for my next game with many new GIF's! Check it out and wishlist your next nautical adventure today! Fair winds to you all, - The Captain [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30575242/63359abfc54b06bc28c916e27cdff5af11a3a0c4.png[/img]