Will Try to Release this Game ASAP for People Locked Down Wanting to Exercise.

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Hi, I hope you are well and staying as safe as possible. I know that many people are on 'lock down' within their homes (including myself) so I will try to release this game ASAP. As so far it is the only non-VR exercise game on Steam where the actual player works out at the time of writing. Originally I was going to release this game in April 2020, then I decided to move the release date to November 2020 so that I could bring Boot Camp Fitness out totally polished and with every feature I have planned for it. However, that would almost be selfish to delay release at a time when people need exercising at home options, especially players who don't have VR goggles. As keeping fit will not only help us stay healthy in general, but it will no doubt strengthen our immune system to fight back against viruses. Even though in early access the game is fully playable, it's a full game with 132 exercise variations (including left, right stance variations), with all the features mentioned on the store page enabled. With all exercise levels, times, core exercises, flexibility exercises, strength exercises, location unlocks and rank unlocks are all fully functional. You will get a great workout in. I just want to polish the game until it is the very best it can be for players. The game will be in early access for around one year, where I'll add exercises to have 300+ exercise variations as well as new features in this time with frequent updates. I will work around the clock to release the game sometime in April preferably, or May if not - as soon as I can. I will release the game as an early access game at 50% of the originally planned price and will act on people's feedback and work with players to make it an even better game. I will keep the emphasis on adding a lot of new exercises early on in the early access stage. I also have a lot of great update/new feature ideas I want to implement in the game thanks to feedback so far from people. Please leave me feedback on the community forum about what you like and don't like about this game when it releases. You can help me build this game and we can maybe sucker punch the Corona Virus by way of increasing our health to give it a tougher fight if we are unlucky enough to come down with it. Of course, I'm not suggesting that working out will protect us from viruses, but wholesome food and regular exercise gives us a lot better immune system to fight them. Let's emerge from these lockdowns fitter, leaner, and stronger - a virus's worst nightmare when searching for weakness. Take care of yourself. Kind regards, Kevin