Wiki Announcement

Published by: Norsfell

Hey Vikings! You may (or may not) have heard- we have our very own Wiki page on Gamepedia!

The Wiki: It's got a start to it, but there's still a lot to add. Since Tribes of Midgard isn't open to play just yet, we've made a sheet full of lore and information on the game and want to share it with those who'd want to help contribute to the Wiki!

How to Join?

To get access to the sheet, head to our Discord server and PM any of our Mods! We'd love your help to expand the Wiki, and it would be great to have it done before Open Beta 3, so that it can help people to get the hang of the game (and to answer questions that pop up often, like where to find certain resources)!

Why join?

You'll receive the permanent title of "Lore Master" on Discord, and we'll be giving you a sheet with ALL of Tribes information and lore so you can help us in filling out the Wiki. Unlock the secrets! Plus, learn a bit about how to expand a Gamepedia page! Hope to see you there! ?