Why Wanderlust came to life - Jacek's personal take

Published by: Walkabout

Hey, I’m Jacek. You might’ve seen my name in the credits for The Witcher 1. Games have been a big part of my life, but whenever I don’t make them, I travel the world (110 countries and counting!). During one of these journeys, I thought: is there a single game that tries to simulate what I’m feeling right now? I didn’t think so. This was the moment when the idea for Wanderlust Travel Stories started to sprout. Traveling is about excitement and discovery, but there’s also this sense of longing, and sometimes uncertainty about what awaits you. I asked my friends, who also travel a lot, if they’d like to make a game that would channel these emotions, and they agreed! The game takes you on 9 globetrotting journeys, telling 4 long and 5 short stories of life-changing travels. You’ll visit such inspiring countries as Bangladesh, Congo, Argentina, Thailand, France, Spain and even Antarctica. You won’t have to hurry. You won’t have to fight. This isn’t about a rush of adrenaline. This is about taking in the beauty of the real world. It’s what we call ‘slow gaming’. We like to say that Wanderlust is the sum of who we are. It was inspired by what we felt during our journeys, and what they mean to us today. The gameplay is a mix of literature and gaming. You are the reader and the storyteller. You meet the protagonists and learn their motivations and goals. By making choices you shape their journeys. What to pack? Which route to take? What to say to the stranger you just met? What to buy so you still have money for the rest of the trip? And most of all: how does this make you feel? What you decide also makes the traveler change their world views. Every journey ends with your character becoming an internally ‘richer’ person. I realize this isn’t a title for everyone. We want it to be the game you play when you’re traveling -- or wish that you were. Even though I love traditional games, I wanted to create something different, personal and meaningful. That’s why we say that this game is us: Marta, Karolina, Joanna, Mateusz, Artur and I. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Bon voyage!