What is Slow Gaming? Let's find out together

Published by: Walkabout

Here's something from Artur, our lead writer. I've been into Slow Gaming for quite a while and Wanderlust: Travel Stories is the result of that. But it's not the only Slow title out there. Recently at Games Industry Conference 2019, I hosted a roundtable about Slow Gaming. Along with the guests and the audience we tried to define what Slow Games actually are, and how voluminous this genre really is. At one point someone proposed that we go through our Steam libraries and tag all appropriate games with "Slow Gaming". I think this is a great idea. It should make it easier to establish Slow Games as a genre, and help everyone find interesting titles. So, are you up for it? Here's the broad definition of Slow Gaming: it's a trend in game design that's about challenging your mind instead of your reflexes. Slow Games treat you as a mature person and aren't afraid to touch upon real world issues. They let you play at your own pace, and action isn't their point. If a title fits this description, it's a Slow Game alright, despite of its genre. Journey is as much a Slow Game as Wanderlust Travel Stories or Firewatch. At least I think so. Do you? If you have a moment to spare, go through your Steam Library and tag whatever game you deem appropriate with "Slow Gaming". Also, post your findings on social media using the tag #SlowGaming to spread the news. "Slow" doesn't mean "Quiet" after all! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1051410/Wanderlust_Travel_Stories/