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Dear players, I've been quite busy the last few months. Reason is, i've been building a Kickstarter campaign for a new videogame, "Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne". For "Viking Chess: Hnefatafl", i've been working behind the scenes with upgrading backend, making it easier to further develop the game. While I can't set a date for a new content update just yet, just know that it's in the works. We've also tested the game on mobile platforms, and with some tweaks and adjustments, I'm hoping to get a release out for mobile. It looks great on tablets!

Please check out our Kickstarter campaign for "Girl Genius: AICH".

If the Kickstarter is successful, we are developing for PC/Mac/Linux available here on Steam, and Nintendo Switch™, with other consoles as stretch goals. Girl Genius™ is the multiple Hugo Award winning graphic novel series by Phil & Kaja Foglio, of fame from the early days of Magic The Gathering, and the comic "What's new with Phil & Dixie" published in Dragon Magazine. Read the comic for free here Please consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign, and please help share the campaign with other people. Thank you! All the best - Kenny Twitter: @raingames_kenny and @rain_games