Watercolour and music mix for a fresh scenery in Dordogne

June 21, 2022 Player Two Community Announcements
Hello! Welcome to Dordogne! Or, at least, our own interpretation of it through the eyes of Mimi in watercolour. If you’re reading this, perhaps it was precisely this visual style what got you hitting that wishlist button, eh? (If you haven’t yet though, please do! It really helps a lot 💛) We want to share with you what’s the latest on the development of Dordogne at our game studio in France, Un Je Ne Sais Quoi (for non-francophones, click here if you’re unsure on how to pronounce our name, it’s missing the “un” bit but that’s as good as our searching got). Not long ago we showed a speedpainting video segment to open the Wholesome Direct 2022. This video shows you the process of how the environments and objects in Dordogne are created and features music by the French band Supernaive, who are composing the soundtrack of the game. Enjoy: The entirety of Dordogne is hand-painted in watercolour by our Art Director Cedric Babouche and he is doing more than 150 watercolours for the game. He is so passionate about art that, in his words, he loves painting with all his heart and he’ll probably die with brushes on his hand. A bit of a dark turn for a wholesome work but we’ll take it, Cedric! Shifting to something less grim, Cedric is inspired by his own daughters, who he uses as references for Mimi’s journey through her grandmother’s house, capturing the playful spirit of a child. We hope a lot of you are able to connect with that! Supernaive is an eclectic band that mixes electronic, RnB, and pop rock. Two brothers from Paris and with a heavy influence and vibe from Japanese aesthetics infuse their music with character and personality that sets them apart, also using old instruments unearthed from the graveyard of the analog synthesis for a unique sound. We’re proud to have them onboard for Dordogne, and in the video above you can hear some of their work for the game. We’re also pleased to say that an album with the game’s music will be available, more details later. Dordogne is coming early in 2023 and we’re hitting the development milestones to reach our goal on time! Some things have changed since the first time we showed the game back in 2020, but it’s been for the better. For example, we improved the way the water looks now, featuring nicer reflections. Have a look above! At the moment, we have a first iteration of the game’s first five chapters running and looking good! We’re working on polishing this slice of the game, and we’ll be starting work on the following chapters in July. We can’t say how many chapters there will be in the game just yet, but let’s just say there’s plenty more you haven’t seen! Most of what we’ve shown is from the game’s first prototype and from the demo we recently showed at PAX, so we’re quite excited to be unveiling a bit more soon. Making games is tough, as you know, and many unexpected things can always happen, but we found in Focus Entertainment the best partners for this journey who are supporting our vision to share this story while we take care of the wellbeing of our team. Who would’ve thought that Mimi and Amicia from A Plague Tale could end up being related in any way! Thanks so much for reading all the way through! Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll try to answer them if within our abilities. Don’t forget to wishlist and follow Dordogne on Steam if you haven’t, and follow on socials for frequent content drops. Much love from France, Un Je Ne Sais Quoi Our socials: Twitter TikTok Instagram Facebook