Version 1.7 - Frequently Asked Features

Published by: adamgryu

Hey there! Hope you're doing well and staying safe. It's been a while since the last update! Since then, A Short Hike has won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and the Audience Award at the 2020 Independent Games Festival! It still feels surreal to me, but I wanted to thank everyone who played and shared my game. I also want to give credit to Dawn Blair, Mark Sparling, Andrew Wong, and David Czarnowski, since the game wouldn't have been the same without their contributions and support. So, the update today includes a number of optimizations, bug fixes, and a few commonly requested features. If anyone spots any new bugs in this build, please let me know!

Multilingual Support

I've added an official French and Spanish translation to the game. It should detect your computer's language settings, but if not, you can change the language from the options menu. I might add more official translations in the future. There have also been a number of fan translations created for the game. To support the modders, also I've made it much easier to access and modify the game's strings. There's more info on that here.

Autosave and Save Slots

I've added an auto save feature to the game, so if your cat unplugs your computer while your playing, you shouldn't lose any data! There's also a new (although a bit clumsy) interface for switching save slots in the options menu.

Full Patch Notes

  • Official French and Spanish translations have been added.
  • Fan translations can easily be added without having to mod the game.
  • Auto-saving has been added. This can be disabled in the options menu.
  • Three save slots are now available in the options menu.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations have been made to the engine.
    • The mouse is hidden in game.
    • The game detects if you fail the fishing tutorial.
    • Button mashing has been made more effective when reeling in fish.
    • Physics have been tweaked to make the player less slippery.
    • Momentum is no longer cancelled if you flap your wings after jumping on a bouncy flower.
    • Terrain rendering has been optimized.
    • Fixed another round of typos.
  • When speedrun mode is activated, you can hold the right bumper (or backspace on keyboard) to automatically skip text.
  • The splash screen has been updated.
For those of you wondering why we're jumping from version 1.4 straight to 1.7 well... It is a mystery! Much like UFOs and ghosts and stuff: no one knows and probably no one ever will!