V1.1.2 Patch update

Do A Barrel Roll??

Be ready for the punishing platformer "Do A Barrel Roll ??". Controlling the barrel only with your cursor. Struggling your way to the top of the mountain. Beware!! One mistake is enough to undo your progress. However, with skill and a strong mind, damage can be minimized. And reach the goal.

[h1]Changes[/h1] [h2]Update[/h2] [list] [*]Adjust the map to increase difficulty [*]Increase fall acceleration to decrease fall time and increase difficulty [*]Implemented Controller support for gameplay [*]Change the save system from playerpref to json file [*]Enable steam cloud save functionality [*]Barrel will show freezing emoji during some later level [/list] [h2]Localization[/h2] [list] [*]Added Localization for Traditional Chinese [*]Added Localization for Cantonese [/list] [h2]Bug Fix[/h2] [list] [*]Fix a bug where player can sometime jump toward whatever direction [*]Fix a bug where the old man npc will be at a wrong position when map is flipped [*]Fix a bug where player will sometime get stuck between tiles [/list] [h1]Future update[/h1] In the future update, I plan on adding more decorations for the level and also add a background tilemap for a more lively level. Perhaps also add lighting. I do whatever to make it looks better. And yes, this should not be a thing for a fully released game. That is my fault for inexperience. This game should have been release as early access. On the other hand, I also plan on adding more localization. The updated localization is done by hand by the way. However, as I don't have enough knowledge in other language for translation. I may need the help of others or some software.