V1.0.1 - Minor Hang Fix


A garden-themed 2D RPG which tackles the struggle of problem-solving in an uncomfortable and unknown place. Solve and explore your way across this dark landscape to uncover the truth behind your visit, meeting a familiar face to keep you company.

[h1]First Patch[/h1] Hello and thank you to everyone who has given Sunbeam a try. This is the first (of hopefully not too many) patches for this game. It's a simple tweak to one of the level files, so should be fairly tiny in size to install. [h3]Changes[/h3] [list] [*]The patch fixes the game freezing up at a certain point in the story in chapter 2. More specifically, at (28,3) on map 201, the trigger never released control back to the player. [/list] Special thanks to the person who notified me of this bug - I'll do my best to respond to others if/when they are found! [i][h3]-Elo[/h3][/i]