v0.20.39 - Feedback changes

Community Announcements
This is a small update based on some of the issues and feedback received. Some of the changes are pretty big still though and affects the game quite a bit. Like the base movement speed rebalance and increased mining and building range. The movement speed when fighting bosses fully buffed up with potions etc. will still be about the same. You may have to restart Steam to get the update.



Added ability to control the main menu camera in a more direct way by clicking and dragging outside menu.


Placing a door reversed now no longer affects auto door and other mobs using them. Increased mining and building range by half a tile. Non-weapon items now no longer reduce your movement speed when using them. Increased base speed of players from 30 to 35. Increased base speed of a bunch of enemies. Reduced speed potion and mobility cloak speed bonus. Changed new world creation process, making difficulty options more visible.


Fixed placing objects continuously sometimes messing up the place rotation.

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v0.20.39 - Feedback changes

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February 21st 2020

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v. 0.20.4 - Interface size, new boss

January 5th 2020


December 21st 2019

v. 0.20.3

December 21st 2019


December 19th 2019

v. 0.20.1

December 19th 2019


December 16th 2019

v. 0.20.0

December 16th 2019