v0.20.22 - More trinket slots, smart mining, new trinkets and many changes

Published by: Fair

To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.20.x in dropdown. It's recommended to back up your saves when playing on experimental version. Especially when loading a save using a newer version. You can do so in game on the load menu. A quick reminder that there's an official Discord server, where you can post suggestions, bugs, or just talk with other players and the developer. Here's the invite link: https://discord.gg/FAFgrKD This update adds the ability to get more trinket slots and changes demon heart to give 200 max HP. Both of these changes affect balance quite a bit, so there will probably be additional balance changes in next weeks update. A bunch of new trinkets and some upgrades has also been added. There's also the addition of smart mining, a mode that will mine in the direction of your mouse and can be toggled on and off. You can see an example of this in the GIF below. To get the new items found in deep snow cave chests, you will have to find a new cave to explore. Other than that there's a bunch of other changes and fixes. See the full changelog below.


Additions: Added enchanted version of mobs in the dungeon. Added commands for giving and clearing buffs for players. Added Empty Pendant item that increases max trinkets, dropped from Void Wizard. Added Spiked Boots trinket, found in deep snow cave chests. Added Spiked Bat Boots trinket, upgraded Spiked Boots. Added slow immunity to spider set bonus. Added Frost Stone trinket, found in deep snow cave chests. Added Frost Flame trinket, crafted using fire and frost stone. Added smart mining, can be toggled from quickbar or pressing new hotkey. Added Ice Pickaxe, special pickaxe found in deep snow cave chests. Changes/misc: Reworked UI sprites, solving a few issues. Optimized shaders, increasing performance slightly. Pressing inventory key will now close island map if open. Hostiles will now much more consistently walk towards their attackers. Rebalanced dungeon mobs, should now deal more damage to players with dungeon tier armor. Increased cooldown of Void Apprentice teleport. Reworked how the game handles mob hits, reducing possible desync. Rearranged interface settings. Moved tungsten and glacial bar recipes to the forge (you can still craft them at Advanced Workstation). Reworked how players are rendered on mounts, making new unique mounts more possible. Demon Heart now increases max health to 200 and Life Elixirs by 10 each. Items found/dropped at pirate islands are now sold by Pirate settler. Changes mobility cloak back to increase with other modifiers, but decreased a bit. Knockback will now not cancel any current movement. Snow wolves will now not be affected by ice skating as much. Floating text now has an outline and a small animation. DPS text from dummies now tries to find an empty spot. Human/Settler mobs now have 30 armor. Changed how slows are calculated. Having multiple slows applied will only use the highest. Polar Claw is now not nearly as powerful a slow. Mud tiles now slows when walking over them. It's now no longer possible to place a tile on the same type. Force of Wind will now push in move direction when used from trinket slot. Fixes: Fixed void apprentice sometimes getting stuck at walls. Fixed projectile desync issues with hitting mobs that teleport on hit. Fixed player creation rotation scroll not having correct start value. Fixed possible issues with taking mapshots, should now work on more systems. Fixed clicking screenshot and mapshots in chat sometimes opening a website. Fixed potential crash when mobs where swimming in liquid. Fixed trinkets not showing enchantment tooltip when in trinket slots. Fixed Polar Claw debuff not saving. And a bunch of other smaller changes and fixes. You might have to restart Steam to get the update.