v0.20.18 - New unique quests and rewards

Published by: Fair

To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.20.x in dropdown. Reminder: It's recommended to back up your saves when playing on experimental version. Especially when loading a save using a newer version. You can do so in game on the load menu. A quick reminder that there's an official Discord server. Here's the invite link: https://discord.gg/FAFgrKD This weeks update expands on the new settlement quests, adding unique objectives and rewards. There's still no "progression" in the quests and the rewards you get is randomly based on a loot table. The progression will be introduced once there's more rewards in higher tiers and the system is more complete in general. Other than that, there's a few smaller changes, like island travel distance will now increase when riding boats. Hope you have a great easter holiday and stay safe in these crazy times! See the full changelog below.


Additions: Added fast crawling zombie mob, small spawn chance in caves. Added 8 quest items used in new settlement quests. Added boxing glove gun, obtained from settlement quests. Added construction hammer trinket, obtained from settlement quests. Added telescopic ladder trinket, obtained from settlement quests. Added toolbox trinket, combined from other construction trinkets in advanced workstation. Added infinite water bucket, obtained from settlement quests. Added infinite rope, obtained from settlement quests. Changes/misc: Reduced island travel distance. Riding boats will now increase island travel distance. Crafting list expanded and show hidden is now saved in settings. Slightly increased the boss health scaling. Settlement quest objectives are now more interesting and unique. Changed settlement rewards to give some consumables and some rarer unique items. Fixes: Fixed telepad location names causing corrupted save if it had some odd characters. Fixed trinket disabled by icon missing. And some other smaller changes and fixes. You might have to restart Steam to get the update.