v0.20.12 - New critter system

Published by: Fair

To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.20.x in dropdown. Reminder: It's recommended to back up your saves when playing on experimental version. Especially when loading a save using a newer version. You can do so in game on the load menu. A great place to give feedback on updates like these, suggest new features and content is the official Discord Server, where anyone is welcome :D Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/FAFgrKD This update adds a new critter system and with it, a bunch of smaller animals that roam the world. At the moment they don't have much of a function, other than look cute and make the world more alive. Later down the line, they will be used for settlement related content and other stuff. Other than the new animals, the update brings some more updated textures and other smaller changes. See the full changelog below.


Additions: Added a new critter system that spawns ambient animals. Added Rabbit to forest/plains biomes. Added Squirrel to forest/plains biomes. Added Snow Hare to snow biome. Added Crab to desert biome. Added Slug to swamp biome. Added rare vulture mask cosmetic drop from Ancient Vulture. Changes/misc: Updated all tile item textures. Updated loot crate textures. Armor stand now has a tip about how to quickly equip items from it. Increased loaded map area before clients spawn in, fixing a bunch of potential issues. Updated farm land texture. Fixes: Fixed snow caves not generating snow variant crates. Fixed initial mob directions being wrong on client. And some other minor changes and fixes. You might have to restart Steam to get the update.