Updates for v0.9.86

Taiko 5

Taiko 5 is a pattern based music sequencer designed for use with a game controller. It has built-in sounds, kits, effects, a pattern recorder, seamless song and pattern switching, randomizing, recording to a WAV file, and more!

Hello there, I'd just like to share that the randomization functionality in Taiko 5 (especially for the demo) has been updated and fixed. It's now possible to randomize just the percussion, music, or both in a more simplified way. Also, the parameter/effects randomization functionality has been separated into its own Settings parameter. This new parameter controls the intensity of the parameter/effects randomization where higher values means more extreme effects settings. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44970775/c86d5f4495d11d43da340e6fccb5596cfc8cd880.png[/img] More to come! Thanks, Larry