UPDATE v0.4 is already available in SKIBIDI BACKROOMS!

Save City R

Introducing "Save City R" – an adrenaline-pumping game where you take on the role of a courageous team of tank fighters on a mission to liberate the сity of R from the grips of the notorious criminal organization known as "Shai Guu".

[h1]Update v0.4 is already available in SKIBIDI BACKROOMS![/h1] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44704197/83268ad0c757e64f77adf1cc81006bf966389bc1.png[/img] [h2]Change list:[/h2] [h3][list] [*] -New level - Level !RUN!. [*] -Added voice chat system. Push "V" to talk. (It's very quiet now, we will fix this in the next update) [*] -Minor fixes in character control. [/list][/h3] [h2]We will also add Achievements tomorrow.[/h2] [b][h1][u]IMPORTANT![/u] If you find any bugs or errors in the level, please write under this post or create a new topic.[/h1][/b] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44704197/fc92b9dfc213b9649d03c48b2a3c26b2a5f52735.png[/img]