Update May 9, 2024

KORG Gadget VR

Make Music in VR ! A real music production studio in VR space!

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44267874/8e004077c20b3ae974365228d3912fca4276b095.png[/img][list] [*]10 gadgets have been added Berlin Dublin Wolfsburg Phoenix Marseille Chicago Brussels Tokyo Amsterdam Helsinki [*]"Move to the Front" and "Auto Select" have been added. You can also restore the previous settings from SETTINGS on the HOME menu (startup menu) [*]”Confirm” on Gadgets and menus has been changed to the right trigger (previously assigned to the A button on the right controller. Sequence data input on the display remains the same. This will be changed at a later date). [*]Pointer operation on Gadgets and menus is now supported (Sequence data input on the display is as before. Pointer support will be added at a later date). [/list]