Published by: Aryal

Adding content
  • New statistics: "bonus blocking time recovery", "bonus blocked damage". They can currently be found on the Belt, Legs and Collar.
  • New interface for automatic sale of items.
  • Change in the descriptions of several spells.
  • Add a small line to the ground to make it easier to see where your main projectile goes.
  • If you compare a two-handed weapon with your weapon in the right hand you also see your weapon in the left hand if you have one.
  • Improvement suggestions take into account whether you are playing with a two-handed or 1-handed + left-handed weapon.
  • Energy beam: -50% damage, Mana per second increases from 1 to 5.
  • Fire Aura: -25% damage, Mana per second goes from 1 to 3.
  • Chain of Fire: + 100% damage.
  • Fireball: + 66% damage.
  • Throw an ax: + 100% damage.
  • Fire cone: -50% damage, maximum time 5 seconds.
  • Fast heal: the care goes from 30 to 40.
  • The quest "wake up the demon" gives class-specific state spell.
  • The quest "prove himself" gives 1 weapon and 2 rare armor instead of 1 weapon and 1 normal armor.
  • Chance to have an item when killing a monster drops from 40% to 36%.
  • Chance to have scrolls drops from 10% to 8%.
  • All bosses give one less object (from 2 to 6 depending on the rarity)
  • Change in the calculation of the rise of spells in level, the bearings are weaker. Normal and magic spells are more expensive, epic and legendary spells are less expensive.
  • Quest items are no longer worth gold, they will soon no longer be collectable if the quest is already finished.
  • Slash give 1.5 mana per target instead of 2.
  • Items have 25% less mana per second.
  • Passive spells save 50% less life and Mana per second.
  • The black hole attraction force has been reduced by 50%
  • Bosses have 10% more health.
Bug fix
  • Line channeling spells only affect the right people.
  • Achievement earns gold.