Update: 12 May 2023


OVRLRD is a mech combat simulator built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Take the real, physical controls of a 50-foot bipedal weapons platform as you carry out complex operations across a challenging single-player campaign.

[h2]ADDITIONS[/h2] [list] [*] New hangar UI - weapons must now be licensed using currency you earn during missions [*] Tonnage - weapon modules come with an associated weight cost. Overtonnage OVRLRDs will suffer a movement penalty [*] Your currency and unlocked weapons will persist in your player profile (only one profile per install so far) [*] Most trees can now be stomped, barged through or set on fire to clear forested areas and open up lines-of-sight [*] Weapons can now be assigned to groups and fired simultaneously (beware overheat) [*] Added some test achievements [/list] [h2]CHANGES[/h2] [list] [*] Slope gradient checks in mech physics controllers to prevent skyrim-horsing up slopes [*] Further improved AI's retreating and flanking behaviour [*] Significantly improved rendering performance in large scenes with lots of NPCs [*] Significantly improved rendering load in skirmish [/list] [h2]FIXES[/h2] [list] [*] Fixed a bug where the head-locked targeting switch wasn't properly grabbable [*] Fixed a bug where OVRLRD would attempt to unlock 432 achievements per second [*] Fixed a bug where player camera didn't fade in and out correctly [*] Fixed a bug where your allies would sometimes spawn unarmed (sorry) [*] Fixed a bug where repairing your mech would make it hot pink [*] Fixed many bugs to do with buildings and trees being inconsistently rendered [*] Fixed a bug where sometimes a building would be indestructible [*] Fixed a bug where NPC meshes would not be correctly instanced, resulting in tanks shooting rounds out of their exhausts [/list] [h2]KNOWN ISSUES (Working on it!) [/h2][list] [*] Knuckles controllers can only pinch-grip controls when the hand is otherwise fully open (high priority to fix) [*] Grouped weapons must all be aimed independently (this will change soon) [*] Resupply helicopters will sometimes drop crates just out of reach of immobilised mechs, to taunt them [*] If you die, the post-death spectator mode places your hands slightly too far away from your IRL wrists. [*] Legibility of clipboard briefings may be poor on some systems. [*] Guided missiles can sometimes take a more artistic interpretation of their homing instructions. [*] Some subtitles may be absent or display incorrectly. [/list]