Update 0.7.2

Green Forest Games
Community Announcements
It's time for another minor update, this one focusses on a couple of quality-of-life improvements like the ability to hide walls and ceiling items. Furthermore, some bugs were squashed like the rowing machine rope sticking to hands and more!


  • Added ceiling item toggle button.
  • Added wall toggle button.
  • Added direction arrow to furniture where directionality is hard to figure out.
  • Fixed rowing machine rope sometimes sticking to hand of gym member.
  • Fixed price preview not appearing when placing wall.
  • Improved wall and price preview now coloring red if wall is too expensive.
  • Fixed 'End membership' not working.
  • Added Hungarian translations.
  • Fixed text overflow issue in customer feedback.
  • DPI no longer scales below 1 for resolutions lower than 1980x1080
Thanks for your support! Jasper