Update: 0.39

June 21, 2022 koi.snowman.games Community Announcements


  • "Knock knock!" and "Weighted Punch" are now Tier 1 abilities and are thus available in the demo
  • Emerald: intro dialog is shorter.
  • Dream: added/tweaked dialogs.
  • Topaz: add new dialog for a specific way of finishing the mission.


  • Player's keyring was not supporting rewind (and thus kept the same after a rewind/restart)
  • Dream: fix critical bug that would prevent from finishing the level after using rewind at a certain point.
  • Dream: typo fix (thx -Ali-!)
  • Emerald: fix vault cutscene would trigger at the start of loot phase instead of when Elaj enter the vault
  • Using "Next Unit" hotkey (Tab) correctly suppress the hint to use it.