Undusted: Letters from the Past Demo Build Now Available!

Undusted: Letters from the Past

Undusted: Letters from the Past is a casual game in which you clean and restore dirty items. What is her story as she returns to a long-neglected house? Enjoy the satisfying audiovisuals featuring sensually designed sounds and graphics.

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44938404/169679fea7215f6fa5f4f4e49fd1dceff414841c.png[/img] Hello! This is the development team of Undusted: Letters from the Past. We are excited to share the first demo of our game with you. You can download and play the demo build from the Steam store page. [b]📌About the Game[/b] Undusted: Letters from the Past is a casual game where you clean and restore dirty objects. While developing the game, we focused on providing the following experiences: [b]1. Gameplay: Mechanically, Visually, and Audibly Satisfying Core Gameplay[/b] [list] [*]The core gameplay revolves around cleaning dirty objects using various methods and tools. [*]We aim to make this process engaging without being too tedious, repetitive, or overly difficult. [*]We want players to look forward to discovering diverse objects and learning new interactions and tools needed to restore them as the game progresses. [/list] [b]2. Story: Small but Engaging and Touching Narratives[/b] [list] [*]Our goal is to deliver stories that, while not grand or epic, are heartfelt and touching. [*]We hope players will be curious about the stories behind each object and imagine how these objects connect to the progression of the narrative. [/list] [b]📌About the Demo Build[/b] In the demo build, you can experience some of the objects and mechanics featured in the game. We hope you enjoy it! We would love to hear your thoughts on the game, so please share your feedback in the community. Thank you!