TurBot Halloween 2021

October 12, 2021 Igloo Games Community Announcements
TurBot is celebrating Halloween 2021 with a free content update! -NEW LEVELS AND POWER UP A new Halloween themed world has been added with 15 additional levels to run through! This world introduces a new power up that lets you shift between dimensions to access platforms that would otherwise not exist. -NEW COSMETICS Several early and late game cosmetics have been added in the Rewards panel! Pelt people with high velocity candy, or show off your skills with the new "Golden Arm" that can only be achieved by gaining every star in the game! -QUALITY OF LIFE Some changes have been made to really sell the feeling of speed you get in TurBot. For example now the speed lines grow in intensity the faster you are, and your FOV will gradually increase with high speeds. (The dynamic FOV can be disabled in the options menu if you find this uncomfortable) -NEW SPEED MECHANIC It is now much easier to gain speed in the air as you can crouch while flying forward to initiate a dive. This lurches you forward and down a bit, allowing you to not only gain speed but also drop faster if needed. -BUG FIXES/SMALL UPDATES *Fixed a bug where crouch sliding on ice would sometimes launch you up *Fixed an issue in the level select screens where the "Next World" and "Prev World" buttons would sometimes not work *Replaced Next World and Prev World button textures Thank you for playing TurBot and helping me make it into the game it is today! Here's to another year of record breaking speed!