Tournaments Are Here - Patch 1.6.7 Notes - 04/29

Published by: Super Club Soccer

Tournament features are now enabled. We are starting with daily ladders, to test connectivity and server capacity. Each day at the specified ladder time, fixtures will be generated against other teams in the ladder. We will trial leagues once the ladder tournaments are stable. The match centre on your club page should now display upcoming fixtures (friendly & tournament). It also displays the tournaments the club is active in, so new players can easily see when matches are. A club can only take part in 3 active tournaments at once. Club forums are now enabled. We suggest using it to give new users basic guidance and possibly direct them to a discord server or something easy to chat in, with other teammates. A match thread will automatically be generated in the forum for each fixture, if you wish to add scouting notes etc. Characters are now able to message each other in game. Please let us know if you experience any issues with this (and capture screenshots if possible) as it's a super important feature to help new users! We have made some adjustments to the player movement formulas. This impacts speed & acceleration attributes, as well as momentum slightly. We'll be making some adjustments to the ball speeds and player agility soon. Tutorial videos have been added, to give a brief overview of the game features for new users. Bug fixes - Our bots were very hesitant to use high passes, which often meant their low passes would get intercepted. There should be more of a balance between low and high passes now. - Some 11v11 formations caused a bug related to the kick-off circle. - Penalty kick position has been fixed for 11v11. - Managers should now get the appropriate number of trait points after levelling up. - Some bugs leading to the goalkeeper interaction problems have been identified and fixed. - Some issues with kit colours has been fixed. There are still more fixes to come to display kits correctly in the match. - Some win rate bugs have been fixed in the leaderboards. - Some missing nationalities have been added. - When going to your player profile, the "view as" should change to that character by default now. - The key bugs related to offering contracts have been resolved. - Players can not be offside for throw-in and goal kicks. You can leave feedback in a review, through the steam forums or you can join our Discord and raise them directly to us there.