The Promised Update

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Gatlin' - The Promised Update (1.1.0)

We promised to leave early access by 2021 at the latest. Guess what, it's 2020? We're leaving early access. DEVELOPMENTAL HELL? NEVER HEARD OF IT!


  • PROMISED graphical polishing! Nearly all sprites are enhanced. Now that's what I call jpeg!
  • BOUNTIFUL bug fixes! That's right, if you complain about a bug, we'll fix it!
  • PLENTIFUL new OST! Thank DJIVVI (aka Cadence Hira) or else.

Three new achievements!

  • Dumb Ways to Die
  • Photo Finish
  • Ramblin' Man


  • Almost all of the game's sprites/terrain overhauled graphically
  • The current level name is displayed in the pause menu
  • Entering a level now has a transition
  • Performance increased drastically in all levels where Blot has his gun
  • Graphic priority changed from "Very Low" to "Medium" by default
  • Default FOV changed from 0 to 6
  • FOV is now on a scale from 0 to 12 instead of -4 to 6
  • All levels polished to allow for increased FOV
  • A toggling option to zoom the camera has been added to the alt-fire button
  • An option to toggle this new zooming feature has been added to the settings menu
  • Gatlin' now fully supports the Steam Controller!
  • Gatlin' now supports Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch controllers!
  • Removed unused target portals from the lobby
  • Opening cutscene conga line movement made less awkward
  • Opening cutscene tweaked to allude to more of the story
  • Various world tweaks from the opening cutscene replicated to Level 15
  • The NPCs in the intro cutscene now have an idle animation
  • Cutscene Blot can now reset using the reset keybind (M) while walking
  • All liquids start their flow at the same time
  • Dying in a liquid now has a sound effect
  • David now flashes when damaged
  • Several annoying ceiling structures removed on Level 10
  • Added dead trees to the water in Level 14
  • Level 21 remade from scratch
  • Credits takes damage when its letters fall into the ink
  • The Protector now flashes when damaged
  • The Protector's 1st and 3rd stages are more consistent
  • The Protector's 2nd stage is more dangerous
  • World 4's background has been made less trippy
  • Wind particles reduced by 50%
  • Camera flash made less bright
  • The Beholder shoots a tear every time you shoot it during it's second phase because I don't like you
  • The Beholder now has SFX when shooting a tear
  • Art now performs a waltz instead of flexing for her attack


  • Gatlin' now launches in Fullscreen instead of Windowed Fullscreen
  • Gatlin' can no longer be launched in a 19:10 aspect ratio
  • The Credits target now works in the lobby (fantastic work QA)
  • Fixed an issue with options not visually carrying over HUD-wise when entering a new level
  • You can no longer pause on the victory screen
  • Tut corpses now properly block bullets (hitbox fixed)
  • Blot's minigun no longer clips through the secret rock tunnel in the tutorial
  • Blot's corpse's hands no longer clip through liquids
  • Blot's running cloud in the opening cutscene no longer clips over the ground
  • Clouds no longer clip through levels
  • David's light rays now appear behind his head
  • Apprencii's paintbrushes no longer clip through his picture frame
  • Scribbles no longer render behind Apprencii
  • Bridge pieces in Level 15 have been modified to prevent visual clipping
  • Visual ground clipping areas in Level 15 and Level 16 have been fixed
  • Wind Z-clipping fixed
  • Wind is transparent again

Future Plans

  • Steam leaderboard integration
  • Steam cloud save integration
  • Flawless music looping (doesn't stop for 1 frame when you die)
  • More worlds?