The current state of Blood Rush and the upcoming demo !

Blood Rush

BLOOD RUSH is a fast paced roguelite skill based fps, upgrade yourself, get new abilities, get new guns, upgrade them and find synergies to destroy anyone or anything standing on your way to escape a Dante inspired Hell!

[b]Blood Rush [/b]is an upcoming roguelite that blends ULTRAKILL and Hades for a fast paced experience mixed with a rogue lite progression system. You are trapped in a Dante inspired Hell that combines different mythologies and you’ll need to fight your way out with guns and spells. Destroy anyone on your path and make friends with mythological characters along the way. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44570519/ccf4309e15a7a7673aa0e4ec44ba9a55c1860e3b.png[/img] [h2]The current state of the game[/h2] [b]I am currently working on an upcoming demo for the game.[/b] I've been working for the last year and a half and most of the main mechanics are fully implemented. The game as now should mostly be representative of the final look and feel of the final release, or at least the first release of the early access build. The player is able to perform a variety of actions, with or without a variety of weapons, use both active and passive abilities in order to fight and explore the depths of hell. The development is for now focused on the main gamemode which is the Escalation Gamemode, this logic is completely done and will allow me to create the rest of the game. [h2]What to expect from the demo[/h2] [i]Inspired by Titans, supported by a God.[/i] The demo will be a snippet of the final game, it’ll allow you to explore the first two levels and fight the first boss, “Argos”. [list] [*] A multitude of upgrades from a few categories will be available to experiment along with a few unique weapons and spells. [*] You will be able to get a taste from the [b]fire, electricity[/b] and[b] radiation[/b] relics to try for yourself. [*] Annihilate diverse foes, encounter and challenge a variety of opponents using a variety of abilities, like melee attacks, support abilities, ranged attacks and more. [*] Speak with supporting characters. The first supporting character is already in the game, speak to Hephaestus in order to learn more about the game’s universe, its mythos and unlock new upgrades. [*] A fully translated game in english and french. [*] A functionning in-game timer with splits that allows you to time your runs easily. [*] [i]There is also a hidden challenge if you manage to finish the demo fast enough ![/i] [/list] [h2]What is still needed for the demo[/h2] Everything on the list above is done for now but It needs a lot of polish to make it on the demo. I might be adding new dialogue lines as well as new music to the game. One area that particularly needs work is the UI, all the user interfaces of the game are working but some of them need theming and work to be better looking. I also need to take some time to work a bit on the sound as I just finished to upgrade the Steam page with a brand new teaser and updated screenshots. [h2]When is the demo coming out ?[/h2] I'm not sure at 100% yet but It should be in april, I'm currently aiming for a mid-april release date ! This is really soon so I'm really hoping to make it. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44570519/584b220668af2480d2da58e72779eec2c3cf3d69.png[/img] [h2]What is next for the game[/h2] After the demo releases I'll probably be working on it for a few days or more if there is any problems or bugs. Then I'll be back on the game to prepare the next phase, the early access, this should include new challenges, new bosses, new characters and a lot of new content to explore. I'll also take some time to work on other titles and stuff to take a small needed break, I plan to release an update for UpGun and projet BLARI this year. I'm excited to get your feedback on the demo ! Have fun !