The Barony Kickstarter is Ending Soon!

September 2, 2020 mistersneak Community Announcements
It's the last day of the Barony Kickstarter. There is a ton of value there, both as Steam users and for Barony fans who want to make a mark on the dungeons! We are very very close to funding and your pledge could make all the difference! We recently added the Dungeon Veteran tier with our Steam users specifically in mind.

The Dungeon Veteran Tier

This new backer reward tier assumes you already own Barony, and entitles you to a key for the upcoming 3rd DLC that will be funded by this campaign. Further it grants you access to exclusive development channels and private Betas. If you want to add on a Switch copy of the game, you can do that too by selecting this tier and adjusting your pledge. Don't own Barony yet, or want to give the gift that keeps on giving? A pledge at the Master Key tier grants you a key to Barony, all its DLC, plus the next DLC when it comes out!

Campaign Recap

The 5 week campaign has gone on for a while and we expect not all of you have been following it closely. Take a moment to peruse all the great things that are going to happen when this Kickstarter succeeds:
  • NEW DLC adding alternate paths, new monsters, spells, items, plus new playable races and classes
  • UI design overhaul that improves flow and tech-rework to add split-screen play
  • New UI art direction featuring all new carefully crafted pixel art
  • Superior gamepad support to make Barony great to control on any platform
  • The port of Barony to consoles for the first time on the Nintendo Switch
  • Crossplay for the Switch, allowing online / cross-platform co-op on the console with Steam users
  • Coop Ghosts & in-world callouts, improving teamwork with easy communication
  • Dungeon Seeds! Pick your dungeon to re-play or compete!
  • The Compendium, an arcane source of knowledge and lore that fills as you play!
  • ~150 backer adventurer names added to the random names list
  • 55+ unique statues honoring great backer heroes, added to the game, each with its own message
  • 25+ backer-designed items & spells added to the game
  • 10+ backer-designed champion NPCs added to the dungeons as minibosses or allies
Ever dreamed up your own spell or magic weapon ideas? Maybe an achievement that highlights a skill you're particularly good at? Or maybe you want your finest hero to be memorialized in-game forever? We have Backer Rewards that can let you do all of those things! There are also 6 developer videos that deepdive behind-the-scenes into Barony development topics on the Barony Kickstarter page. They're great viewing for any Barony fan!

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