Thank you for your interest! Development has resumed!


An immersive simulator of Russian skuf with immersion in the atmosphere! On state portal has started giving out alt-girls and your goal is to collect them all!

Dear friends! As you know, the game is having problems with release due to neural networks, so a few days ago I gathered a team of artists and decided to redo the game. What was my surprise today when I opened the statistics and saw how interested you are in the project! 2000 vishlists is a lot of money for me and you have given me the motivation to continue developing, for which I thank you! I'm so emotional right now, it's incredible! The concept of the game is changing towards simulator + tamagotchi, in which the idea is turned around and now you will take on the role of an alter and take care of your skuf. At least that's how I see the idea now. Thanks again. My team and I are shocked by such an asset. We are going to start the development anew!