Swordia's Future!

Community Announcements
Some have been wondering, what has been going on with Swordia? Our team has been working hard on remaking the game in a new engine to bring it to our high expectations. Affliction Networks, makers of Steam game Bang! Howdy, will be taking over the development and management of Swordia. We are still very community orientated as we were before but just under new management. MCKZPog has officially retired from Swordia and we're going to work our hardest to make sure the community remains happy and bring out an awesome game for everyone to play. For now we are focusing on single player.. Yes, I said it.. We're working on a full single player story for Swordia and eventually hope to bring a multiplayer aspect to it. You can find our new Discord here https://discord.gg/H7QNPgG Make sure to read the rules in #welcome then click the Check mark in Discord if you agree to them. Finally head on over to #roles to grab your Swordia access tags. As for now all builds have been temporarily disabled until we are ready to release the updated game. We are excited for the future and we look forward to seeing you there.