Super Club Soccer - Patch 1.5.10b Notes - 04/13

Published by: Super Club Soccer

Although we have fixed the custom build bug in new characters, we still had to find a solution for the existing characters. Only a small number of characters were intentionally created to abuse the bug, so we didn't want to punish all characters with a full reset. During investigation we identified another bug, which made it harder to separate the bugged characters from the rest. We have come to a solution which will be fair to all and effective immediately. All users who made a custom build character will have to re-skill their character, due to the previous bugs. Any training done since creation will be added to the total attribute points. You will have 24 hours after logging in, to re-skill characters without impacting your club bank balance. Please note, you may experience a long loading time after applying the new attributes. Due to an additional training bug found, all characters have had their training reset and been given their training points to use again. So if you created your character 7 days ago, your attributes will be reset and you get 7 training points to use.