Super Club Soccer - Patch 1.5.10 Notes - 04/10

Published by: Super Club Soccer

Addressed the bugs below in this update. Custom build -The bug for custom build characters, where attributes under 50 were being doubled, has been resolved. Club net worth -The net worth of clubs should now update properly. If you see your bank balance not updating after club friendly matches please let us know. Bank balance boost -Due to the delay to the start of the season, all bank balances under 500k have been reset. User match rating -Some adjustments have been made to the match rating formula. Please let us know if you still see extreme match ratings. Match freeze -Some bugs related to match freezing have been identified and fixed. This mainly applied to friendly matches. Training bug -When training an attribute to 100, it was getting reduced back down to 99 on the attributes page. That's been fixed now. Day Light Saving -Match times should now be adjusted to DLS. You can leave feedback in a review, through the steam forums or you can join our Discord and raise them directly to us there.