Super Club Soccer - Patch 1.5.0 Notes - 03/03

Published by: Super Club Soccer

With this update, we are giving a first glimpse into what our Seasons mode will be. We'll be releasing features throughout the next few weeks & months, to get the competitive gameplay started! Here are the features included in this release: New footballer career paths
  • All career paths start at the same age, however the rate that they improve & decline is vastly different
  • Early - Expect an explosive start but be prepared for an early decline
  • Mid - If consistency is what you’d prefer, then this is the build for you
  • Late - Despite a slow beginning, this build has the highest potential for greatness
Player contracts
  • Improve your training performance with wages
  • For this patch we encourage users just to use trial contracts
  • For an 18yo player, the optimal wage is 20000. After 30 days, a player increases in age and the optimal wage increases by 10000
Manager characters introduced
  • Customise the look of your manager with unique outfit options
  • Create your own club or learn the ropes as an assistant manager
Profile pages
  • At a user & character level, we have organised the most relevant information to be displayed for you and others viewing your profile
  • Keep track of stats and any awards earned too
Create a club
  • Design your own kit and logo
  • Start with a small budget to recruit players on trial contracts
  • Challenge other clubs to friendly matches, to generate funds and build a connection with your players from around the world
  • Develop the club further by upgrading the club stadium and/or training ground
And also... Coming soon
  • Club forums to discuss match times, match tactics & scouting info on opponents
  • Join tournaments and keep track of upcoming fixtures with the tournament centre
  • Buy and sell players to suit your club ambitions with the transfer market
  • Show off your achievements with tournament & season awards
You can leave feedback in a review, through the steam forums or you can join our Discord and raise them directly to us there.